7 Useful Tips for Safeguarding Your Home While Travelling

7 Useful Tips for Safeguarding Your Home While Travelling

Taking precautions for a safe and secure home while you are travelling is quite important to ensure your peace of mind and an enjoyable getaway. As the holiday time approaches, a number of people head out of town for a family vacation or to visit their relatives. For keeping your home from thefts, follow the following useful, foolproof, and easy-to-implement tips for safeguarding your property and valuables.


Tip #1: Start Preparing in Advance


With all the excitement of leaving for a vacation, securing your home is often neglected and becomes an afterthought. You can opt for installing a new home security system or updating the existing one, however you have to do so well in advance so that you and your family members are well acquainted with the system and its features properly. It is advised to get that done a month to three months before leaving for your holiday trip.


Tip# 2: Take care of your mails and newspapers


You can ask your trusted neighbour to retrieve your daily newspapers and your mails. This is the best option instead of cancelling the newspapers as it can give indication or alert to your newspaper boy or a postal employee that you are gone and there will be no one in the house for quite a number of days. Make these arrangements about a week ahead of your departure.


Tip# 3: Don’t be an Easy Target


For achieving this objective start with the exterior of your home. You have to make sure that your home looks lived in. Depending on the time of the year, for instance, if you’re going to have some snowfall possible, make sure to hire somebody there to clear your driveway and steps. In summers, have a landscaper mow your lawn. You can also unplug your garage door openers and have your neighbour park their car in your driveway.


Use motion-sensor and timer varieties outdoor and indoor lighting systems to prevent burglars from sneaking onto your home under cover of darkness. It is important to check all your doors, locks, and deadbolts for optimum security. If needed, replace your old locks as they easy to kick in. Lastly, make sure that you haven’t left spare keys to the house in your specific hiding places around the home’s exterior or easily accessible or obvious areas.

Tip# 4: Compare and Get the Best Security Products

A huge range of advanced home security products is available these days in the market for any type of home and budget. If you’re planning to purchase one before you leave for vacation, spare some time to shop around for finding the most suitable and efficient lock system. You can find useful reviews on sites such of renowned locksmiths in Dublin and locksmiths in Ireland. You can hire professional locksmith service to get the best quality locking solutions at affordable prices that will successfully safeguard your home while you are away. Do the final checks, go through your home for double checking all doors and windows are closed, locked and secure.

Tip# 5: Prevent your Home against Any Type of Fire and Flood Hazards

It is better to look for a 24-hour fire protection monitor added in with your security system. For more safety options, you can also get sensors to monitor your home’s temperature. In this way, you can protect your home from cold conditions that might also lead to burst pipes and/or indoor flooding. In today’s age of smartphones, you can go an interactive security system that allows you to access your home anywhere, anytime via smartphones or personal computers. Through that, you can also access lights and appliances and can even set schedules to automate them. Particularly if you reside in an area where there are adverse temperatures, it will be worth to investigate this or a similar system to secure your home from flood damage through remote-access climate control. It is also advised to remove all unnecessary plugs from power points as well as your geyser in your home. It will not only save you on your electricity bill, but will also avert any powers surges or storms from damaging computers or televisions. But be careful not to unplug any alarm systems or backup generators by mistake.

Tip# 6: Trim Your Shrubs and Draw the Blinds inside Your Home

Bushes, shrubs and trees are the perfect places for any intruder to hide and camouflage signs of a break-in. It is recommended to trim back any overgrown vegetation in order to make your home’s windows, porches and doors visible to your neighbours and passer-bys. Also use shades, drapes and other window treatments to keep latent tempting household items out of view. These initiatives however won’t cost anything, yet can be useful in making your property much less attractive to a burglar.                                  

Tip# 7: Don’t Spread and Share Your Travelling as well as Home Security Plans

Last but the most important tip is not to broadcast your travel plans as well as home security plans only on a need-to-know basis. No matter, how much excited you are regarding your vacations, don’t tell everyone about the same and keep the important information only to yourself. Don’t activate your voicemail messages to show that you’re out of town. Avoid posting your trip plans on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Spreading your absence plans to a number of people is not a great idea. Only inform your trusted neighbours who will take care and keep a watch on your property while you are away.

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