A Lock Out Dublin Story

A Lock Out Dublin Story

A Lock Out Dublin Story

Dyno Locks locksmith got a call from a distressed customer living in the city centre recently? The customer had met up with a friend and arranged to go out for a few drinks with them. Having arrived home they realized that they had lost their keys and needed a locksmith in Dublin.

Before making the call to the locksmiths she decided to call around to all recent places that she had visited that night, including the last place they had being which was a nightclub in Dublin city centre. The owners said that unfortunately that there were no keys handed in so she reckoned that she had left the keys in the apartment. The customer then decided to book into a local hotel rather ringing the locksmiths late at night.

The hotel which I might add was a five star and not cheap to say the least. Next morning they got up early and called locksmiths.ie; they arrived out within a short time and were able to open the door professionally within minutes. Not only was she happy to finally get into her home she was happy that locksmith did not have to replace any locks. We then asked her to find the keys so she attempted to do a thorough search without success, after some giggling and frantic searching she had another idea.

She made a second attempt to contact the venue in which she frequented late last night. She made the call and my phone rang, she had dialled the wrong number and found it very funny as stated this is the way her night out had gone. When she got the correct number it appeared that the girl whom answered the phone call knew her and said straight away I have your keys, we found your keys I have them.

I can tell you that wiped the smile clean off there faces as the penny had dropped that she had just paid a locksmith to open her door, stayed in a plush hotel and also spend a fortune on Taxis toeing and frowning form her home with out any need to.

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