Locksmiths Being Hit By Fraudulent Google Clicks

Why does it always seem that you spend too much on Google Adwords and not get the return that you know you should.

Fraudulent clicks on Google Adwords is not something new. It has being around for many years. Supission would lead to your competitors or possible click houses being employed by your competitor or other advertisers.

The bones of it all would be as follows:

Set up an Adwords campaign with Google allowing you to advertise for keywords as and when they are searched by a perspective customer. The idea is that you can bid on keywords allowing you to gain a position, the higher you bid the higher your add will be shown.

If you competitor bids higher then you then there adds will be shown above yours. There is certain criteria which can also have an effect on how high your add can be shown and the related cost, age of your adds, content of your adds, content on your website and how relevant your adds are to the keywords you are bidding for. You will be given a quality score by Google for each add and this can also determine the cost.

Fraudulent clicks tend to be high, however the trick is to monitor the ip address it which are logging on to you website. An IP address log can be obtained form your website hosting company.
While the top three positions appear to gain the most business this is not nesasssarly the case. For most businesses it can be a case that a customer can be familiar with a business name and simply clicks them for that reason. By bidding higher will not nessaraly get you a top position either.

However there is a fact that by continuing to increase your bid will for sure cost you an arm and a leg as your competitor is sure to follow. The only sure way to spend a reasonable cost is to have a strategy as opposed to just bidding to be number one.

While this may sound easy it is not. This can only be achieved by experience of by employing an expert with in the field. By way of looking at the trends and market can save you a signifent amount of time and of course allot of wasted cost. By not doing so will cost you allot of time and allot of cost. Bidding high when the market is slow is a sure way to double your cost and show your hand to your competitor.

Like everything these days there are ways to track and get refunds for fraudulent clicks. One is by keeping an eye on your IP address on your website, however this can prove to be timely and not cost effective. The second one is to put a third party software package on the backend of your website, this will in fact be by far the most cost effective way to monitor the fraudulent clicks.

At the end of a month you can either compare the fraudulent address to that of Google or you can submit an investigation on a regular basis to Google insuring you are getting the refund for the unwanted clicks.

Below is a recent list of IP address that have being logged as fraudulent clicks through an Adwords campaign.

Notice that there are similarities in the ip address as the culprits can sometimes use software or devices to change there IP address. cm- IE ntlworld.ie 09/10/2016 08:46 cm- IE ntlworld.ie 08/10/2016 16:55 cm- IE ntlworld.ie 07/10/2016 10:00 51-171-2-23-dynamic.agg9.chf.chf-qkr.eircom.net IE 07/10/2016 09:45 IE 06/10/2016 21:21 cm- IE ntlworld.ie 06/10/2016 12:05 IE 05/10/2016 18:17 sky-78-19-99-129.bas512.cwt.btireland.net IE btireland.net 05/10/2016 17:13 IE 05/10/2016 13:26 IE threembb.ie 04/10/2016 16:04 IE 04/10/2016 13:42 IE 04/10/2016 13:14 IE 04/10/2016 09:28 IE 03/10/2016 22:18 sky-78-16-188-219.bas512.cwt.btireland.net IE btireland.net 03/10/2016 21:52 109-125-19-202.cgn1.cld.meteor.ie IE meteor.ie 03/10/2016 13:17 089-100-230083.ntlworld.ie IE ntlworld.ie 03/10/2016 09:06 IE 02/10/2016 21:05 IE 02/10/2016 19:57 109-125-17-249.cgn1.cld.meteor.ie IE meteor.ie 30/09/2016 19:24 109-125-18-71.cgn1.cld.meteor.ie IE meteor.ie 30/09/2016 11:41 IE 29/09/2016 12:08 109-125-16-215.cgn1.cld.meteor.ie IE meteor.ie 28/09/2016 14:14 86-43-168-212-dynamic.b-ras2.prp.dublin.eircom.net IE eircom.net 27/09/2016 19:35 86-41-201-21-dynamic.agg2.dsn.bdt-fng.eircom.net IE eircom.net 27/09/2016 16:36 IE 26/09/2016 23:34 IE 26/09/2016 15:58 86-46-29-226-dynamic.b-ras1.bdt.dublin.eircom.net IE eircom.net 26/09/2016 09:57 IE 25/09/2016 16:51 cm- IE ntlworld.ie 24/09/2016 16:53 IE 23/09/2016 16:07 86-44-161-198-dynamic.agg2.sks.blp-srl.eircom.net IE eircom.net 21/09/2016 13:16 IE 21/09/2016 11:09 IE 19/09/2016 20:40 IE 19/09/2016 20:40 IE 19/09/2016 20:20 IE 19/09/2016 20:20 h137-191-240-163.gn.gov.ie IE gov.ie 19/09/2016 14:30 h137-191-240-163.gn.gov.ie IE gov.ie 19/09/2016 14:30 mail.mdsgateways.com IE netsource.ie 19/09/2016 11:38 mail.mdsgateways.com IE netsource.ie 19/09/2016 11:38 IE 19/09/2016 10:43 IE 19/09/2016 10:43 IE 18/09/2016 22:14 IE 18/09/2016 22:14 IE threembb.ie 18/09/2016 14:12 IE threembb.ie 18/09/2016 14:12 IE 18/09/2016 13:45 IE 18/09/2016 13:45 089-100-115196.ntlworld.ie IE ntlworld.ie 18/09/2016 12:59 089-100-115196.ntlworld.ie IE ntlworld.ie 18/09/2016 12:59 IE 18/09/2016 11:18 IE 18/09/2016 11:18

Dyno Locks Locksmiths Hackers Attempts Daily

Over the last few months Dyno locks have noticed a big increase in the attempt of hackers attempting to hack our website. Is it our competition within the locksmith industry attempting to employ a tactic so they can get to a number one position or first page ranking ? Or is it just down to the fact that they are attempting to destroy the creditability of a good name ?.

While it may not have anything to do with the competition at all and simply got to do with the make up of the site and its past vulnerability we still cant but think to what extent a competitor will go to. In recent years we have also encountered where a competitor has engaged or it would appear they have purchased to have 10,0000 or more doggy backlinks directed to our site with the intent of having the site get poor rankings or fall from its position in a natural listing.

Has website security become important i believe so. More so now then ever.

Below are a list of attempted hackers in the last month to our website.

Top Locksmiths in Dublin

Top Locksmiths in Dublin

In the ancient world, locksmiths were regarded at par with other artisans and craftsmen. They were a bit of a novelty, whose primary job was to create intricate and customised mechanical locking systems for the royalty and the noblemen. The best of them were close confidants of the wealth and power keepers of their times.

Locksmith services in this day and age too, are not a small-time amateur’s game. It has become a highly specialised industry, with equally skilled professionals running the show. State of the art technology has aided this age-old profession to transform into a hi-tech security installation and maintenance industry that provides a wide range of services to a highly diverse customer base.

Services Rendered

From basic lock making, picking, repairs, replacement, and even lock cleaning, to taking care of complex security systems – complete with alarms, access control, closed circuit television et al, modern locksmith services have become an essential part of the functioning and maintenance of any building under private ownership, be it residential or commercial. In addition, most professional locksmith companies offer 24 hours emergency services to their customers, which includes unlocking safes, door and window locks, auto locks on various types and brands of cars, filing cabinets, padlocks, desks, and even computers.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Emergency services are the most challenging of all locksmith services, particularly because of their round the clock demands. Those who provide these services however, earn good money due to the inherent emergent nature of such situations. Lock picking and breaking-in demands a lot of skill and practice, and that can be acquired only through several years of specialised training. An expert locksmith can pick a lock in a matter of minutes, although a lot depends on the complexity of the locking system and the uniqueness of the situation. Most well-established home and auto locksmith companies hire and nurture only certified and bonded lock picking experts.

Reputed Dublin Locksmiths

Ireland is home to a great locksmith company – Dyno Locks locksmiths. When it comes to security system installation and maintenance, they are a name to reckon with in the whole of the Atlantic archipelago. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, and branches all over Ireland, their name has become synonymous with hi-tech, high quality, professional locksmith services. Apart from general locksmith solutions, they are also a trusted auto locksmith, and CCTV, Alarms and Access Control installation enterprise. Their staff will always furnish the requisite credentials and IDs, and issue invoices after every job. To avail their services, Just Get A Free Quote.

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