Burglary Tips For An Empty Home – Dyno Locks & Alarms

Burglary Tips For An Empty Home – Dyno Locks & Alarms

Reports and recent reviews have show that much of crime takes place during the day and in empty homes of holiday makers.

Burglary Tips For An Empty Home


Many of these break-ins could be prevented with some simple security tips.

  • Avoid leaving the keys or spear key under a mat, flower pot, letter boxes or any little place that appears to be a good hiding place.
  • Avoid leaving  jewelery or valuables upstairs or down stairs within sight of a wannabe intruder.
  • Ask your trusted neighbours to keep an eye on the house, maybe turning on and off lights and checking the home
  • Inform the local Garda station that you are heading away and leave your contact details with the station
  • Call all deliveries and put a hold on them, milk, papers, post office
  • If you have an alarm make sure you have it serviced regularly so it will work correctly when away. If you don’t have a certified company fit one for you. If the alarm is monitored it will notify the key holder in the event of an activation
  • CCTV has now become very popular with home owners and can be a very good deterrent for an intruder. Other option include where you have your CCTV monitored also
  • Insure the home looks like it is being occupied, install light timers which will allow lights to come on and off during certain hours during the day or night.
  • Use motion-sensing lights inside and outside.

  • Install anti-drill solid metal magnetic Locks.
  • Cover up the glass.

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