A Lock Out Dublin Story

A Lock Out Dublin Story

Dyno Locks locksmith got a call from a distressed customer living in the city centre recently? The customer had met up with a friend and arranged to go out for a few drinks with them. Having arrived home they realized that they had lost their keys and needed a locksmith in Dublin.

Before making the call to the locksmiths she decided to call around to all recent places that she had visited that night, including the last place they had being which was a nightclub in Dublin city centre. The owners said that unfortunately that there were no keys handed in so she reckoned that she had left the keys in the apartment. The customer then decided to book into a local hotel rather ringing the locksmiths late at night.

The hotel which I might add was a five star and not cheap to say the least. Next morning they got up early and called locksmiths.ie; they arrived out within a short time and were able to open the door professionally within minutes. Not only was she happy to finally get into her home she was happy that locksmith did not have to replace any locks. We then asked her to find the keys so she attempted to do a thorough search without success, after some giggling and frantic searching she had another idea.

She made a second attempt to contact the venue in which she frequented late last night. She made the call and my phone rang, she had dialled the wrong number and found it very funny as stated this is the way her night out had gone. When she got the correct number it appeared that the girl whom answered the phone call knew her and said straight away I have your keys, we found your keys I have them.

I can tell you that wiped the smile clean off there faces as the penny had dropped that she had just paid a locksmith to open her door, stayed in a plush hotel and also spend a fortune on Taxis toeing and frowning form her home with out any need to.

Dyno Locks provides locksmiths in Dublin and throughout Ireland on a 24 hour basis, Emergency Lock Opening Dublin, Ireland

Burglary Tips For An Empty Home – Dyno Locks & Alarms

Reports and recent reviews have show that much of crime takes place during the day and in empty homes of holiday makers.

Burglary Tips For An Empty Home


Many of these break-ins could be prevented with some simple security tips.

  • Avoid leaving the keys or spear key under a mat, flower pot, letter boxes or any little place that appears to be a good hiding place.
  • Avoid leaving  jewelery or valuables upstairs or down stairs within sight of a wannabe intruder.
  • Ask your trusted neighbours to keep an eye on the house, maybe turning on and off lights and checking the home
  • Inform the local Garda station that you are heading away and leave your contact details with the station
  • Call all deliveries and put a hold on them, milk, papers, post office
  • If you have an alarm make sure you have it serviced regularly so it will work correctly when away. If you don’t have a certified company fit one for you. If the alarm is monitored it will notify the key holder in the event of an activation
  • CCTV has now become very popular with home owners and can be a very good deterrent for an intruder. Other option include where you have your CCTV monitored also
  • Insure the home looks like it is being occupied, install light timers which will allow lights to come on and off during certain hours during the day or night.
  • Use motion-sensing lights inside and outside.

  • Install anti-drill solid metal magnetic Locks.
  • Cover up the glass.

Need A Security Audit Of Your Property. Dyno Locks & Alarms offer CCTV, Alarm and locksmith services through Ireland.

Master Key Systems Dublin – Guide

Master Key Systems Dublin – An Informative Guide

Master Key Systems Dublin

Master Key System Dublin Ireland – Master Key Systems For Apartments, Residential Complex, Hotels, Businesses And More.

Locksmiths would be familiar with the name master suit however allot of people would not be. A master suit will allow you protect areas of you building through many different keys. If you are looking to control certain areas or rooms or want control access to certain people than a master key system can be built to suit you.


Residential Master Key Systems Dublin


It can range from a small office to a large office building or apartments complex to a single story house. There is a difference between a master suit and a keyed alike lock.  As locksmiths we get requests for different types, a keyed alike lock would be where a lock has the same Key to open all locks, where as a master key suit would have different locks with different keys and maybe one key that will  so open all locks.


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Master key systems are designed to allow a single key open one door, groups of doors or any door with in the master suit system. It would start with either a common door or a group of doors. A common door would be mainly on the front of a building allowing all keys to open it. Individual doors would have a separate key for entry. There can be an overall key know as the master key in witch would open all doors giving control on all the key system.

If it were to say a hotel you could have a system set up like the following:

General Manager has a Grand master key to open all doors; Deputy Manager has a sub master key to open all doors except the manager’s office and the safe room. House keeper has a sub master key that will open all bed rooms, linen rooms except the general manager’s office, deputy manager’s office and the safe room.  So basically you can build a master key suit to suit any building is it big or small.

Other possibilities with a master key system are where you can protect the key by having a registered key or restricted key system. A registered key system will allow only the registered owner orterized to get keys cut which will stop unorterized keys being available.

Further to that it would give more security knowing that you have complete control on the key cutting. There are many different variants of products available to buy under a master key system. Dyno locks locksmiths would use two, Multlock and a DOM system. The Dom system is very flexible and can be produced on a complex master key system.

There are many key cutting facilities available to include hardware, dry cleaners and heel bars that can duplicate keys for many different locks. However it is important to make sure that you purchase from the locksmith a master key system that is patent protected using a registered key system this means that the keys can only be cut by the agent who provides the system as they only have access to the key blanks and non agents have no access to the key blanks.

Dyno Locks are 24hour locksmiths providing Master Key Systems Dublin and throughout Ireland.

Master Key System Dublin Ireland. | Our Locksmiths Cover Whole Ireland.

Lock Installation Dublin & All Nearby Areas

Lock Installation Dublin



FACT: 1 in 5 burglaries occur as a result of a window or door not being secure. Some doors can be opened within seconds by an opportunist burglar. Dyno-Locksmiths can advise you of the best door protection to suit you, your budget, and insurance company requirements.

External Doors Locks Installation & Repairs Dublin

All outside doors should be fitted with good quality locks. 5 lever locks provide the best protection against any type of forced entry. Mortise and sashlocks provide the best protection against all forms of forced entry including picking, drilling and hacksaw.

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Sliding Patio Doors Locks Installation & Repairs Dublin

Locks in dublin

Locks in dublin

Patio Doors are a favourite point of entry for burglars and provide the ideal escape route for the removal of possessions, particularly bulkier items which cannot easily be handed out through a window. To prevent this happening, the opening section of sliding patio doors can be secured with patio door bolts at the top and bottom.

Dynolocks Locksmiths install and repair all types of Patio doors, both Hinged and  Sliding doors. Patlock is designed to increase security on Double doors to the rear and the side entrance of your home.

Back/Side Doors Locks Installation & Repairs Dublin

Having good quality locks and bolts installed in a weak door may not be advisable. Your Dyno-Locksmith can advise whether your doors and frames will carry them. For example, some mortise security bolts can be fitted at the top and bottom of the door and can only be operated from the inside.

Door Viewers/Security Chains

Door Viewers Security Chains

Door Viewers Security Chains

You can also improve the security of your external doors at little extra cost by having security chains or similar types of door restrainers fitted – this stops the “foot-in-the-door” attack. You can identify your visitor before opening the door by having a door viewer installed.

Having Windows Secured

A high percentage of all break-ins are through windows at ground floor level. Burglars often find them an easy way to get in, e.g. by tripping the catch from the outside with a knife blade, or by removing enough glass to reach and release the window catch. Windows left open provide the easiest entry of all for the thief.

All accessible windows should be fitted with key-operated window locks. Whilst ground floor windows are the most commonly used points of entry, windows on upper floors accessible from flat roofs or drain pipes should not be neglected.

Having window locks fitted is not that expensive and there is a wide range for every type of window to choose from including wood, and those with metal, aluminium or UPVC frames. Your Dyno-Locksmith can advise on the most suitable locks to suit your needs.

Checking Your Premises Security

The best way of assessing whether your home or premises is adequately secure is to take advantage of the Dyno-Locks security survey service. Your local Dyno-Locksmith will give you an assessment of your premises and outline the best ways to improve your all round security and comply with insurance company requirements.

Local Locksmiths Ireland – Phone Numbers

A Quick Source To Find Local Locksmiths In All 32 Counties In Ireland. Call Them And Get Any Locksmith Emergency Sorted.

Local Locksmiths Ireland Phone Numbers

 Midlands  1800396699
 North Leinster  1800396699
 Cork  0873333338
 Kerry  0873333338
 Tipperary  0873333338
 Kildare  0873333335
 Offaly  0873333335
 Donegal  083000010
 Monaghan  0871625053
 Galway  0873636363
 Mayo  0873333339
 Clare  0873636363
 Limerick  0873636363
 Sligo  083000010
 Carlow  0873535353
 Killkenny  0873535353
 Louth  0873333336
 Wexford  0873336333
 Meath  0873333336
 Waterford  0873336333
 West Meath  087 3313131
 Longford  0873313131
 Roscommon  0873313131
 Portlaois  0873535353

Local Locksmiths Ireland Phone Numbers

Dyno Locks And Alarms Is Most Reviewed No 1 Nation Wide Locksmith Company In Ireland. Our Locksmiths Cover Whole Country With Over 15+ Vans On Road 24/7. Dyno Locks & Alarms provide lock services for a wide range of lock-related issues. We offer various services at the most competitive prices on the market. Locksmith Dublin

Picking the correct locksmith or security master for the activity goes past finding the least expensive and speediest accessible. You need an organization that is proficient from the second they show up, directly through to the second the receipt is raised.

Dyno Locks not only do all of our workman arrive promptly in clean, company branded vehicles, but they listen carefully to your concerns and provide a comprehensive solution. All of our locksmiths and security team are fully trained experts, with years of combined experience in providing all types of professional locksmith services.

“ Dyno are the most reliable supplier we have. They are always at the other end of the phone and ready for action ”.

Alan Quirke – Phasor Maintenance

Locksmiths And Security Experts At Dynolocks are always available by phone or email  to offer free advice about the locks on your property and how your security can be improved. Call Dublin Call Free – 1800 51 51 51

How you can Employ a Dependable Locksmith

Locks provide safety for our dwellings, enterprises and automobiles. But whenever you accidentally safe your self around the out-of-doors, you may want for just a moment that safety devices did not reside! It is time for you to contact a locksmith, but who ought to you contact? Who ought to you trust to safely open your car or dwelling? Let’s check out some “musts” to appear for when choosing a crisis locksmith.


1.Make certain your locksmith is nearby. Certainly one of the very first issues to address is when the locksmith is localized. A far situated locksmith might add some additional charges for the traveling also. Localized locksmiths usually have an workplace close by exactly where you are able to truly go to when future safe or safety requirements arise. This enables you to establish a connection together with your nearby locksmith and construct trust. It is a great concept to locate a few trustworthy locksmiths you are able to trust inside your nearby locality.

locksmiths dublin

2.Be on Guard: Notice the locksmith’s car… whether or not it’s clearly assessed having a business title or logo. Moreover, be wary of somebody who does not confirm that you’re the genuine proprietor or an authorized person to possess a vehicle, dwelling or company. A trustworthy locksmith will inquire for the identification prior to performing the function. This defends you as well as other ones from break-ins and robbery. As soon as the function has been achieved, ask for an itemized invoice that breaks down the function allegations, elements, service charge, and so on.

Emergency Locksmith

3.Make use of the Web. Numerous locksmiths now have their very own web site recounting their solutions, hours of operation, charges, and so on. This donates you a quick method to study numerous locksmiths inside your region and contrast the solutions and pricing. Some globe wide internet records solutions provide info on numerous locksmiths inside your region. You are able to use these to locate locksmiths initially and after that contrast by performing a bit study by yourself


4.Get Referrals. Ask family and friends if they’re know any great locksmiths. To get a little town or village, the amount of locksmiths might be restricted to only two to four. But for larger towns, there might be 25 or much more to select from. Other people who’ve utilized a locksmith can allow you to comprehend which they favour to assist you narrow your options.

dublin locksmith

5.Think about auto locksmiths. In the event you are locked out of one’s car, make sure to seek for an auto locksmith on-line or inside your localized yellow sheets. Some locksmiths concentrate in automobiles, dwellings or enterprises. An auto locksmith will probably be in a position to unlock your car securely with out harming the doorway or safe.

locksmiths dublin

6.Comprehend locksmith liability and charge: Make sure to discover when the locksmith if he’s insured in case harm happens. Usually go for an insured locksmith. An insured locksmith might ascribe somewhat much more for his solutions, but you will have calm of thoughts when selecting somebody with an professional outlook on his company. Moreover, confirm pricing prior to acquiescing towards the service. Make certain you will find no hidden charges, and inquire about guarantee added charges when the locksmith runs into issues together with your lock.
Image titled Employ a Dependable Locksmith Step six

emergency locksmith dublin

7.Be ready. Discovering a reliable 24-hour locksmith does not need to be perplexing. Prepare in accelerate for crisis circumstances. Hold a list of trustworthy locksmith phone numbers inside your wallet or purse all the time. Or bookmark a web site directory of localized locksmiths so you are able to access it effortlessly out of your laptop or wireless telephone whenever you require it. Set back some additional cash inside your crisis funds for locksmiths. You not ever comprehend when you will require 1!

For a fast emergency locksmith services in Dublin pls contact Dyno Locks


Top Locksmiths in Dublin

Top Locksmiths in Dublin

In the ancient world, locksmiths were regarded at par with other artisans and craftsmen. They were a bit of a novelty, whose primary job was to create intricate and customised mechanical locking systems for the royalty and the noblemen. The best of them were close confidants of the wealth and power keepers of their times.

Locksmith services in this day and age too, are not a small-time amateur’s game. It has become a highly specialised industry, with equally skilled professionals running the show. State of the art technology has aided this age-old profession to transform into a hi-tech security installation and maintenance industry that provides a wide range of services to a highly diverse customer base.

Services Rendered

From basic lock making, picking, repairs, replacement, and even lock cleaning, to taking care of complex security systems – complete with alarms, access control, closed circuit television et al, modern locksmith services have become an essential part of the functioning and maintenance of any building under private ownership, be it residential or commercial. In addition, most professional locksmith companies offer 24 hours emergency services to their customers, which includes unlocking safes, door and window locks, auto locks on various types and brands of cars, filing cabinets, padlocks, desks, and even computers.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Emergency services are the most challenging of all locksmith services, particularly because of their round the clock demands. Those who provide these services however, earn good money due to the inherent emergent nature of such situations. Lock picking and breaking-in demands a lot of skill and practice, and that can be acquired only through several years of specialised training. An expert locksmith can pick a lock in a matter of minutes, although a lot depends on the complexity of the locking system and the uniqueness of the situation. Most well-established home and auto locksmith companies hire and nurture only certified and bonded lock picking experts.

Reputed Dublin Locksmiths

Ireland is home to a great locksmith company – Dyno Locks locksmiths. When it comes to security system installation and maintenance, they are a name to reckon with in the whole of the Atlantic archipelago. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, and branches all over Ireland, their name has become synonymous with hi-tech, high quality, professional locksmith services. Apart from general locksmith solutions, they are also a trusted auto locksmith, and CCTV, Alarms and Access Control installation enterprise. Their staff will always furnish the requisite credentials and IDs, and issue invoices after every job. To avail their services, Just Get A Free Quote.

24 Hour Locksmith Services in Dublin and Ireland

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Home, Office and Auto Locksmiths in Ireland

A round the clock locksmith service performs legally, and on invitation – what a burglar or a break-in thief does illegally and intrusively. The advances in technology in locks and security systems these days have made such emergency services highly specialised and skill-intensive. It is no longer about assistance just with a locked-up vehicle or a house. Modern locksmith companies have become more like security consultants who also provide comprehensive hardware, installation, and maintenance services to individuals and businesses. Following is a brief description of some of the services they offer:


Lock Picking


When was the last time you locked your car, and forgot to take the keys out? Or, got locked out of a room in your house? Such things happen more often than people realise. And when they do, it usually is a fruitless exercise trying to jimmy your way in. Lock picking is both an art and a science, one which needs considerable amounts of skill, practice and experience. Professional locksmith companies employ highly trained general and auto locksmiths who can get the job done in a matter of minutes. These services come in handy especially when there are valuables or important items in question, like in safes. Using state of the art technology, virtually any lock, and almost anything can be broken into.


Safe Installations and Break-ins


Top locksmith companies install, maintain, and if required – break into, a wide variety of and range of safes, such as free-standing and cash safes, under-floor and wall safes, fire resistant safes, reconditioned safes, gun cabinets, and even time locked safes that are meant for commercial purposes. Safes fitted by professional and accredited locksmiths always meet requisite insurance standards.


Alarms, Access Control and CCTV


A well rounded security system can be a really important tool against break-ins and burglaries in homes and offices. Investing in a professionally installed alarm system, access control and closed-circuit TV is a great long term move for any house owner or business. What is crucial, however, is to make sure that the installation and maintenance is carried out by a company with a well-known pedigree in building-protection and the highest level of professional standards.


Locksmiths in Dublin


Dyno Locks and Alarms is a well-respected name in security system installations in Ireland, with branches spread throughout the country. They are one of the top locksmiths in Dublin, with a niche in emergency round the clock lock-picking services. Know more about their services by visiting:



The qualities that make a good locksmith

Most companies would promote their locksmiths as the best in the business but the veracity of such claims can be judged only by the quality of work and other such factors listed below, describing the various traits that a good locksmith must possess.


The most important requirement to become a good locksmith is professionalism. If a locksmith is needed at a particular place and time, it is important that he arrives on time, and with the necessary equipments. He should be polite and must carry the company’s badge or some sort of identification. This is important for the client in order to be certain of the locksmith’s identity and reliability.

Technical knowledge

Skills and knowledge are important requirements for a locksmith. Although most locksmiths have undergone training and can handle cases pertaining to security locks and making duplicate car keys, but only a good locksmith possesses the right mix of capability and knowledge.

Prompt service

Ideally a locksmith provider agency should provide prompt service. Emergencies can strike without prior warning and therefore a locksmith service should be emergency ready.

Flexibility is very important. A locksmith agency that provides 24 hour service is the one you can trust and rely upon.


Certification by a trusted body is a proof of the credibility of the agency. Locksmiths in Dublin and the rest of Ireland require to be certified by organisations such as the ALOI (Associated locksmiths of Ireland).

Any locksmith agency that scores high on the above mentioned parameters can be said to be good and trustworthy. One such agency is Dyno Locks.ie. One of Ireland’s premier locksmiths company, Dyno Locks.ie, is a name you can rely upon for any problem pertaining to car unlocking, repair and replacement of safety locks and making of new keys.

www.dynolocks.ie providing locksmith services in Dublin and County wide.

Auto Locksmith to the Rescue

Lost keys can cause much distress. If you are one of those who think that something like this will never happen with them, then you should think again. It is believed that most of the people who own vehicles will lose its keys at least once in life. Problems like these usually come unannounced and are difficult to deal with.


An auto locksmith can be of great help in such situations. It is advisable to get in touch with a good locksmith in Dublin. Loosing keys can be very frustrating and annoying and finding a good locksmith agency at such a short notice can be difficult. It’s better to know about the various locksmith agencies before hand. Dyno Locks.ie is one of the best in the business and provides superior automobile locksmith services. After calling up the auto locksmith, you need to gather all documents and collect information including the vehicle identification number, insurance documents, year, model no and the registration information. In case the vehicle is not registered in your name, you must immediately call the person in whose name the vehicle is registered. The presence of the registered owner is very important as the locksmith may refuse to do the service without prior consent of the owner.

Dyno Locks provide locksmith services 24 hour


Only a trained and professional auto locksmith should be trusted with the task. Getting an amateur to do the job can be very risky as he may damage the vehicle.


When it comes to auto locksmith services, Dyno Locks.ie is a name to reckon with. We provide all types of locksmith services. Operating in Dublin and the rest of Ireland we strive to provide the best locksmith services to all our clients.