Dyno Locks Locksmiths Hackers Attempts Daily

Over the last few months Dyno locks have noticed a big increase in the attempt of hackers attempting to hack our website. Is it our competition within the locksmith industry attempting to employ a tactic so they can get to a number one position or first page ranking ? Or is it just down to the fact that they are attempting to destroy the creditability of a good name ?.

While it may not have anything to do with the competition at all and simply got to do with the make up of the site and its past vulnerability we still cant but think to what extent a competitor will go to. In recent years we have also encountered where a competitor has engaged or it would appear they have purchased to have 10,0000 or more doggy backlinks directed to our site with the intent of having the site get poor rankings or fall from its position in a natural listing.

Has website security become important i believe so. More so now then ever.

Below are a list of attempted hackers in the last month to our website.