Home, Office and Auto Locksmiths in Ireland

Home, Office and Auto Locksmiths in Ireland

A round the clock locksmith service performs legally, and on invitation – what a burglar or a break-in thief does illegally and intrusively. The advances in technology in locks and security systems these days have made such emergency services highly specialised and skill-intensive. It is no longer about assistance just with a locked-up vehicle or a house. Modern locksmith companies have become more like security consultants who also provide comprehensive hardware, installation, and maintenance services to individuals and businesses. Following is a brief description of some of the services they offer:


Lock Picking


When was the last time you locked your car, and forgot to take the keys out? Or, got locked out of a room in your house? Such things happen more often than people realise. And when they do, it usually is a fruitless exercise trying to jimmy your way in. Lock picking is both an art and a science, one which needs considerable amounts of skill, practice and experience. Professional locksmith companies employ highly trained general and auto locksmiths who can get the job done in a matter of minutes. These services come in handy especially when there are valuables or important items in question, like in safes. Using state of the art technology, virtually any lock, and almost anything can be broken into.


Safe Installations and Break-ins


Top locksmith companies install, maintain, and if required – break into, a wide variety of and range of safes, such as free-standing and cash safes, under-floor and wall safes, fire resistant safes, reconditioned safes, gun cabinets, and even time locked safes that are meant for commercial purposes. Safes fitted by professional and accredited locksmiths always meet requisite insurance standards.


Alarms, Access Control and CCTV


A well rounded security system can be a really important tool against break-ins and burglaries in homes and offices. Investing in a professionally installed alarm system, access control and closed-circuit TV is a great long term move for any house owner or business. What is crucial, however, is to make sure that the installation and maintenance is carried out by a company with a well-known pedigree in building-protection and the highest level of professional standards.


Locksmiths in Dublin


Dyno Locks and Alarms is a well-respected name in security system installations in Ireland, with branches spread throughout the country. They are one of the top locksmiths in Dublin, with a niche in emergency round the clock lock-picking services. Know more about their services by visiting:



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