Locksmith Cons Customer Using Dyno Locks Trade Mark Name

Locksmith Cons Customer Using Dyno Locks Trade Mark Name

In the early part of the year we received an am call to Dyno Locks to assist in man locked in a toilet in his home. Our log system shows a quotation given on that time. It appears that customer was not happy to pay our call out labour fee. Some two months later we received a call from the customer requesting that he had not received a receipt and he had spoken to our engineer on more than one occasion requesting the receipt. He was pointing out that he had not received one on the day. The engineer whom he had spoken to had stated he would get a receipt sent out to him on both occasions. However the customer never received it and had now decided to make an official complaint to the office. Having received the complaint we followed procedures requesting name, date, address and contact number as to whom he had being making contact with, as all jobs are logged on our system. We explained to the customer that we will identify the job through his details. We had pointed out to the customer that we don’t encourage the customer to call engineers direct. However it had now transpired that the customer did not use Dyno Locks. We had identified by way of not having his details on file but had the log of receiving the call. He had in fact used another business whom he says lead him to believe that he was using our company Dyno Locks.

After a lengthy discussion we advised the customer to take the mater up with them. The customer was not happy to agree for us to pursue the matter and take legal action against the other party.

Dyno Locks is a registered trade mark and registered under ISO9001, we will always give a customer a receipt and keep records of each and every job we complete. Dyno locks will pursue through the courts any locksmith who attempts to use its good name.

Dyno Locks are 24 Hour registered Locksmiths

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