Vehicle Security Systems available for Nationwide Installation.

Vehicle Security Systems available for Nationwide Installation.

Our Vanlocks are the most comprehensive security system for vans on the market. With industry-leading technology, product features, and design features that put us above the rest, you can be confident in choosing Slam Locks to secure your van.

Slam Locks is a lock system for van vehicle security. It is perfect for keeping your tools, equipment and supplies safe from theft, keeping any heavy items in your vans ceiling where they belong.

Lock your van doors with Dyno Locks Ireland, the #1 security system for vans in Ireland. With our service you can rest assured that your van is secure at all times, especially if it is parked in an urban area. Don’t wait for someone to take advantage of your vehicle, call us today and make your van secure with Slam Locks Ireland.

With Dyno Slam Locks vehicle security systems, you can trust that your van doors will stay locked for good.

This high-quality Safe and Secure Slam Locks has the unique ability to sense if a door has been partially or fully opened and so locks the door. The system is great with vans as it will lock all your doors as you drive. We can provide all different types of Slam Locks so if you have any questions about which one will be best for your van please feel free to give us a call. To make sure your van is properly secured contact us today to arrange the perfect fitting package for your needs

VanLock is a break-and-enter deterrent that is installed on your commercial van to help protect it against thieves. This lock has been the answer for many businesses, which have seen an impact on their insurance policies, with theft taking place of vans whilst parked up. VanLock is made fully in the UK and allows businesses to securely lock doors behind you as you leave, helping stop thieves getting inside your van during your absence. This can easily be achieved by fitting these locks on all or selected doors of your van.

Locks For Van Doors – Van Doors Locks Installation. Vehicle Security Systems available for Nationwide Installation.

Slam Locks are becoming increasingly popular on passenger vans. The system utilizes the power of the closing door to lock the door shut using several bars that move like a ratchet system. The locks will be fitted to your existing door, with big benefits in strength and security over conventional deadlocks. The product that we offer is a slam door security system that replaces your existing door handles with a lock. The lock prevents the door from being opened from the outside by sticking a pin in the hinge, this means any person can open your door from the inside but no one can gain access from the outside.

The sliding door lock made from 1/4” steel, the VanLock locking system is engineered into the sliding door and prevents the door from being opened. It can be installed into a sliding vehicle door fast and easy by a locksmith. The VanLock makes it almost impossible for a thief to access your cargo using a pry bar.

Bumper locks are a great alternative to traditional car door locks as they stop those thieves from getting inside your car without the key. This is the same lock as used on car bumpers and will not be picked, sawed or drilled open. It can withstand a high level of force and hammering making it a steel door buster alternative.

Install the locks on your door and you can control and release all doors via a central key pad. We at Slam Locks are proud to say that over 80% of our business is repeat business. Our client base, are based on recommendations from pleased customers, who were either friends or family.

Got a breakdown in the middle of nowhere? Blame it on faulty van locks! Blame it on a driver who didn’t care enough to take the right security precautions when parking his van. Don’t be a victim – take it upon yourself to protect your van today.

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