Access Control Services In Ireland

Access Control Services In Ireland, Dublin.

Access Control Services In Ireland

Are you concerned about who has access to your building and whether they’re in the right place? Is your receptionist confident in the knowledge of who’s coming and going? Look no further, because we have the answers you need.

Our Access Control systems, including Door and Video Entry Systems, provide an affordable yet effective way to secure your staff and assets. As security experts, Dyno-Locks have partnered with Kallglobe to offer tailored solutions that fit your specific requirements.

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    We can provide the solution:

    • Vandal-resistant systems for front and rear doors
    • Integrated indoor systems
    • Access control with proximity tags or swipe-cards
    • Video entry systems
    • Indoor integrated systems
    • Access control using proximity tags or swipe-cards
    • Video-entry system

    1. Vandal-resistant systems for front and rear doors: Our Access Control systems offer an additional level of security to your front and rear doors with vandal-resistant systems. These systems are designed to protect your building from unauthorized access and any potential vandalism.
    2. Integrated indoor systems: Our Access Control systems can be integrated into your indoor environment, making it easier to monitor and control access to various parts of your building. This solution provides added security to sensitive areas and ensures only authorized personnel can access them.
    3. Access control with proximity tags or swipe-cards: Our Access Control systems use proximity tags or swipe-cards to control access to your building. This feature ensures only authorized personnel can access your building and helps keep track of who’s coming and going.
    4. Video entry systems: Our Video Entry systems offer a reliable and secure way to monitor visitors to your building. With video entry systems, you can see and communicate with anyone requesting entry before allowing access. This solution helps to enhance your building’s security while providing a convenient way to manage entry.
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