Burglary Prevention

Burglary Prevention

  • FACT 90% of burglaries are opportunistic.
  • FACT The Home Office suggests that if your premises have been broken into, it is 4 times more likely to be targeted again
  • FACT Over 20% of commercial properties suffer a break-in each year

It’s important to plan every aspect of workman working with broken windowsecurity. With burglaries and robberies being a constant threat, security planning is the best way to reduce the risks to your property. In addition to ensuring you have suitable locks fitted on all appropriate doors and windows see Lock Installation there are many other factors you should consider to ensure your premises is not at risk from burglary.

Premises At Risk

Not surprisingly, detached houses or premises are more at risk because they are often secluded and occupants of neighboring premises may not be able to see or hear burglars at work. Premises near the ends of streets or backing onto alleyways, parks, fields or waste ground are also particularly at risk because of the ease of access. Walls, fences and shrubs surrounding the premises may give greater privacy but they also enable the burglar to work unnoticed.

    • Do Lock all your doors and windows when you go out. Pay particular attention to the back of your premises – a popular entry point for burglars.
    • Don’t Leave door keys in hiding places such as under the doormat. Thieves know all the hiding places.
    • Do Keep you shed/outbuildings locked. Your tools are useful to a thief who wants to gain entry.
    • Don’t Leave a window open a few inches for ventilation.
    • Do Close the curtains and leave a light on in a room (not the hall) if you are out for the evening.
    • Don’t Leave ladders lying around. If kept outside, padlock them to something secure.
    • Do Illuminate dark areas around the home. Burglars don’t like light.
    • Don’t Leave curtains and blinds drawn in the daytime – they attract the thief. 
Going On Holiday?

However keen you are to start your holiday, don’t forget to take precautions to protect you property while you are away:

  • Lock all doors, windows and outbuildings
  • Cancel milk, newspapers and other regular deliveries
  • Ask you neighbour to remove any post or newspapers left showing in the letter box, and put some rubbish in your dustbin bag
  • Turn gas and water supply off
  • Deposit small items such as jewellery or quantities of cash at the bank
  • Tell your neighbour you will be away and give them your holiday address in case of emergency
  • Cut the lawn

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