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We are experts in all things Glazing, windows, including installation, repairs, and glazing. Our experts are qualified, vetted, and fully uniformed. No matter what you need done to your windows or doors, Window Repair Dublin are here for you!

All aspects of window repair

We offer window installation and repairs for any window type. Our experts can handle all your needs for any type of window in your home or business. We also offer glazing services for your windows so you can see the outside world!

Qualified professionals

Our experts are qualified, vetted and fully uniformed. They will always offer the best service to anyone that needs our services – whether it is a residential or commercial customer. You can be sure that when you work with us, you’re getting the best service possible.

Dyno-Secure 24 Hour emergency Glazing and boarding up.
  • Commercial Glazing
  • Domestic Glazing
  • Full Glass and glazing service
  • Mirrors
  • Toughened Glass
  • Laminated Safety Glass
  • Handles
  • Locks
  • 3/5 Point locks
  • Patio Wheels
  • Emergency repairs
  • Boarding up
  • Repairs after break ins
  • Homes,Offices,Shops,Schools

Dyno-Secure is a company that offers a range of glazing services, emergency repairs, and boarding up services. Some of their services are:

  1. 24 Hour Emergency Glazing and Boarding Up: Dyno-Secure offers a 24-hour emergency glazing and boarding up service for homes, offices, shops, and schools. They have a team of trained and experienced professionals who are available round the clock to respond to emergency calls.
  2. Commercial Glazing: Dyno-Secure provides commercial glazing services for shops, offices, and other commercial properties. They can install, repair or replace glass for shop fronts, office partitions, and other commercial glazing applications.
  3. Domestic Glazing: Dyno-Secure offers domestic glazing services for homes. They can repair or replace broken windows, install new windows, and upgrade existing windows with energy-efficient glass.
  4. Full Glass and Glazing Service: Dyno-Secure offers a full glass and glazing service, which includes design, manufacture, and installation of bespoke glass products for homes and businesses.
  5. Mirrors: Dyno-Secure can supply and install mirrors for homes, offices, and other commercial properties. They can create custom-made mirrors to fit any size or shape.
  6. Toughened Glass: Dyno-Secure can provide toughened glass for homes and businesses. Toughened glass is stronger and more durable than regular glass, making it ideal for areas with high traffic.
  7. Laminated Safety Glass: Dyno-Secure can install laminated safety glass, which is designed to withstand impact and prevent injury in case of breakage.
  8. Handles and Locks: Dyno-Secure can supply and fit handles and locks for windows and doors. They can install 3/5 point locks, patio wheels, and other security features to help protect homes and businesses.
  9. Emergency Repairs: Dyno-Secure offers emergency repairs for homes and businesses. They can respond quickly to repair or replace broken windows and doors.
  10. Boarding Up: Dyno-Secure can provide a boarding up service to secure properties that have been damaged or broken into. They can install temporary boarding to keep the property secure until permanent repairs can be made.
  11. Repairs After Break-Ins: Dyno-Secure can repair and replace windows and doors that have been damaged during a break-in. They can also provide advice on how to improve security to prevent future break-ins.

Dyno-Secure offers a comprehensive range of glazing services for homes, offices, shops, and schools. They have a team of experienced professionals who can provide emergency repairs, boarding up, and security upgrades to help protect properties.

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