Top 10 Home Security Myths: Busted!

One of the biggest obstacles that often come in the way of decisions is the number of misconceptions that one has to contend with. We debunk ten of the top myths that do the rounds regarding home security.

Top 10 Home Security Myths Busted

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Myth #1 – Nil effect of security measures on the home insurance premium

Fact Insurance companies offer a discount on premium when documentation is presented from a certified home security service.

Myth #2 – Pets set off the sensors

Fact This is the age of advanced sensors where pets will not inadvertently set off alarms and systems come in highly configurable options.

Myth #3 – Security systems are more suitable for modern constructions

Fact All home security gadgets and devices can be retro-fitted, so to say, for all kinds of construction, regardless of age of building.

Myth #4 – Security Systems can be tampered physically

Fact Most of the security gadgets are wireless, and it is not possible to tamper the service electronically.  Home owners can make the choice between wired and wireless systems.

Myth #5 – Security solutions are expensive

Fact The advent of technology has slashed the costs and security solutions are a lot cheaper and more cost effective than the solutions that were available earlier.

Myth #6 – Home protection systems are complex and hard to handle

Fact Home protection systems are free from clutter, with simple easy to operate interfaces, offering a wide choice of customizable settings and configurations.

Myth #7 – Alarms do not result in suitable response

Fact Depending on the nature of the service, the service provider and the terms of the contract, an intrusion that is detected in the absence of an owner, will receive swift response from the police directly, or through alerts from contractors.

Myth #8 – A dog can secure a home

Fact A dog cannot be left back at home, all by itself during a vacation. And records of break-ins prove that dogs are not the most effective solutions always.

Myth #9 – Alarms are not effective deterrents

Fact Alarms are proven deterrents, as burglars will be aware of the unwanted attention that a siren brings, together with the possibility of altering law enforcement authorities.   

Myth #10 – Security solutions affect the aesthetics of a home

Fact Solutions and gadgets leave a very small footprint and will blend perfectly with the décor of a home.